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Alcohol Is Not Your Ally


Unravel the mysteries and get ready for a raw and insightful exploration of substance use. Discover the science behind how these substances trick our brain. Hear a personal and honest journey about alcohol, marijuana and their impacts on our well-being in our latest podcast episode.


Journey with me as I bravely discuss my personal struggles and triumphs with substances, and how these experiences led me to the precipice of burnout. A tale woven from the threads of familial influence, personal choices, and hard-learned lessons, this episode promises to offer a vulnerable and honest look at some of the less discussed aspects of mental health. We’ll shatter the veil of the relaxed or numb feeling one might associate with alcohol. We’ll delve into the science of how alcohol manipulates our brain into believing it’s a necessary source of glucose. We’ll investigate the role of the liver in this process and scrutinize the effects of alcohol on different individuals based on their liver’s capacity to process it. Brace yourself as we challenge the popular notion of moderate alcohol consumption, and expose its toxicity, regardless of the quantity. Join me and stay tuned for an enlightening voyage towards better understanding and wellness for our lives.

Episode highlights:

[0:00] Intro

[5:10 ] Substances that are mind altering

[9:02] Levels of inebriation

[12:17] Brain can’t survive without glucose

[16:33] The ghost effect of alcohol

[22:55] Adrenaline high from alcohol addiction

[27:47] Outro


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