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Debunking Myths of Addiction with a Focus on Sugar Dependency


Hey there, curious minds! Have you ever found yourself reaching for that irresistible sugary treat, only to wonder why you can’t resist its allure? Ever wondered why addiction happens and does it really have anything to do with our genes? The answer might not be as simple as you think. Tune in to this thought-provoking episode as we dive deep into the intricate relationship between sugar, addiction and your brain!


Have you ever wondered why you feel drawn to sugar and how it influences your brain? In this episode, we unravel this conundrum while challenging the notion that addiction is purely genetic. We dissect the complex relationship between sugar and addiction, highlighting how sugar, unlike nicotine, MSG, and caffeine, is essential to our bodies. We expose adrenaline’s insidious role in addictive behaviors and the treacherous pitfalls of insulin resistance in our brains. Plus, we reveal why popular practices like ice baths might be doing you more harm than good. Strap in for a journey of understanding addiction, mental health, and pathways to healing.

Episode highlights:

[4:52] Do you really have sugar addiction?

[9:51] The genetic theory of addiction (all forms)

[14:00] The problem with blaming genes on any type of addiction

[15:10] Another limitation of the genetic theory

[18:57] Not all addiction is unhealthy

[20:42] Being addicted to so-called “healthy” practices

[26:02] Outro


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