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Emotions and Your Brain (Part 1)

Emotions and Your Brain (Part 1) (Medical Medium Brain Saver Book Review, Chapter 5)


In this episode of Misdiagnosed, host Caitlin Pyle delves into the topic of emotions and their impact on the brain. Drawing from her own experiences, she discusses how suppressing emotions can be detrimental to mental health and shares her journey of self-discovery and healing. Caitlin challenges the traditional approach to mental health and emphasizes the importance of understanding the brain’s role in emotional well-being. Tune in for an eye-opening discussion on the true causes of emotional struggles and the path to healing.


Wild n’ crazy emotional struggles that get diagnosed as mental illness are not something that yoga, meditation, journaling, and manifestation techniques can solve… less-than-ideal health of the brain is the #1 culprit in bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, and just about every other mental “illness” that psychiatry likes to throw pills at. This episode includes some fascinating history on the legacy the industry of psychiatry has led in recent history in their attempt to solve the “problem” of our emotions. And boy, did they miss the mark… 

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Resources mentioned:

Brain Saver by Anthony William


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