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Welcome! If you’re new, here are a handful of resources to get you started on your journey!

Join Us for the Transform Retreat

Join me for TRANSFORM, a two-day LIVE virtual retreat where you’ll rapidly shift your energy and discover how to love your life again using proven, science-backed methods to stop negative thinking in its tracks.

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How to Get Unstuck

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Free Class

Get Unstuck and Stay that Way with the THIS IS WHY YOU’RE STUCK FREE Video Training.

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Banish IMPOSTER SYNDROME Forever and GET UNSTUCK in Your Life and Business with this FREE Guide.

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Free Workshop

Learn How to Start a Proofreading Business (and Work from Anywhere) in this FREE workshop from Proofread Anywhere.


How to Heal Mental Illness

Download these free eBooks to learn more about how I healed my multiple mental illness diagnoses.*

*DISCLAIMER: Healing journeys are very personal. The information in these free PDFs should NOT be substituted for medical advice. They are summaries of my firsthand experiences and insight into the steps I took, personally, to heal my symptoms when following the advice of my doctors was getting me nowhere but sicker. Consult a doctor at your own risk. Your health is your responsibility.