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The Emotional Brain: How Understanding Your Brain & Emotions Can Help Your Mental Health

Have you ever thought about how your emotions affect your brain?

A few years ago, during my eight-year marriage, I considered myself an “unemotional” person. I believed I just didn’t get emotional about things. The reality? I did get emotional – I just didn’t show it. 

I had been conditioned to suppress my emotions.

This repression eventually took a significant toll on my mental health. In late 2017, I started using marijuana in order to cope with stress without consuming alcohol. But my marriage was falling apart at the same time, my now ex-husband having requested an open marriage in September 2017. The stress only intensified throughout 2018, as did my self-medication with marijuana. My husband and I separated in September of 2018, which was both a surprise and a welcome relief, but the stress of it all combined with my marijuana use eventually caused symptoms of psychosis and mania.

The Impact of Suppressing Emotions

During that difficult time, marijuana helped me feel more free to express my emotions. When my ex-husband told me he wanted a divorce, I cried — not out of sadness, but out of relief. 

My family and friends at the time (including my husband) had never seen me so expressive, and they assumed that meant something was wrong because I wasn’t acting like myself – the version of me they thought they knew and expected me to be. 

Their confusion and misguided fear landed me in the psych ward of a hospital for “testing.” Nobody mentioned that marijuana use coupled with traumatic life events could trigger states of mania; instead, words like “bipolar” and “schizophrenia” were passed around like candy. 

Over the next two years, following multiple diagnoses and hospitalizations, I started realizing just how emotional I actually was and how harmful it had been to suppress those emotions. 

More than that, I realized how normal it was to explode with emotion (which had been labeled a symptom of “bipolar disorder”) after years of suppressing those emotions. 

At the core of the exhausting depression I experienced was powerlessness. I’d been manipulated into handing over the reins to my business to someone else who operated such a tight ship that I felt like I wasn’t welcome in my own business anymore. I couldn’t share what I wanted to share because, according to them, it might damage the business.

Selling my business was liberating. No one owned me anymore. I could finally say and do what I wanted without fear. 

And it took me a while, but I eventually quit marijuana entirely. Once I made that decision, I felt great.

The Journey to Self-Expression

Now, I’m sharing my truth with the world, especially through my TikTok account, which unexpectedly went viral in February 2024. 

I’m living free as a bird, generating income from renting my properties, hosting amazing retreats, and coaching. I’m not smoking, drinking, or engaging in any potentially damaging behavior. I’m just being me.

And it feels amazing. 

My full recovery from a once-debilitating mental illness has been controversial, especially for those who believe disorders like bipolar are diseases that attack our bodies, over which we supposedly have no control. In reality, they are related to emotions, viruses, and heavy metals in our brains. 

These issues are often passed down, but not in the way we typically think. There is a difference between “hereditary” and “genetic.” A disorder being “genetic” presupposes that it’s caused by faulty genes, whereas “hereditary” means symptoms can arise due to certain toxins that are easily passed down via the bloodstream or even contaminated sperm and eggs during conception. 

Most mental illnesses we’re told are genetic are actually hereditary. 

Big Pharma wants us to believe we have genetic disorders (with no cure) so we’ll give them our power. They don’t want us to know that once we understand the cause of the disorder, we’ll also have the cure. 

TikTok has been enlightening. I was on fire with posting videos, but I had to take some time off to recalibrate and avoid falling back into workaholic habits. 

It’s important to listen to your body and mind when they tell you to chill out.

The Emotional Brain

Many people, including myself in the past, claim they never get emotional. Anthony William, in his book “Brain Saver,” suggests that people who say this either don’t realize what they’re saying, aren’t telling the truth, convince themselves they never become emotional, or spend time around very emotional people and thus downplay their own emotions. 

For years, I didn’t realize I was lying to myself about my emotions.

The Consequences of Emotional Suppression

Holding back emotions is harmful. Emotional trauma literally injures our brain. 

This connection is often overlooked by mainstream psychiatry, which focuses on diagnoses and labels rather than root causes. Suppressing emotions can lead to hardened brain tissue and misdiagnosed symptoms, perpetuating a cycle of untreated trauma.

Doctors have been trained (often by the pharmaceutical companies themselves) to match symptoms to a diagnostic textbook full of labels for various symptoms… and prescribe particular drugs according to those symptoms. 

Environmental toxins, chronic stress, and inflammation also disrupt our brain health and are often overlooked in traditional medical treatments. 

“It’s genetic,” they say.

Understanding the root causes of mental illness symptoms allows us to take more effective steps toward healing – steps that don’t involve a lifetime of synthetic drugs and talk-in-circles therapy to help you “accept” your diagnosis. 

I, for one, am so grateful I refused to accept my diagnosis. Digging deeper was soooo worth it!

Healing Through Detoxification

True healing starts with detoxifying our bodies. This means identifying and eliminating sources of toxins, whether they come from household products, environmental factors, or inherited toxins. 

Creating a toxin-free environment supports our body’s natural healing ability. Big Pharma wants us to think it’s not possible for the body to heal itself, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

The brain is deeply connected to the rest of our body. Overworked adrenal glands, for example, can impact multiple organs and lead to chronic illnesses. 

A holistic approach that considers the entire body is much more effective than merely treating symptoms in isolation.

Rethinking Psychiatry

Mainstream psychiatry doesn’t even look at the brain. Isn’t that absurd?! Instead, it prescribes petroleum-based “medications” that suppress symptoms rather than address root causes. 

This approach leads to a cycle of dependency without any real healing. 

Instead of relying on drugs, we need to focus on detoxifying our bodies and providing our brains with the nutrients they need.

My journey through misdiagnosis and multiple medications led me to find the Medical Medium information. By following those protocols to detoxify my body and replenish it with hydration and nutrients, I significantly improved my mental health – and rapidly.

I’m no longer experiencing symptoms or taking medications.

Awareness is the Cure

Awareness of the real causes of mental illness was the cure for me — and I’m not alone. 

We are often misled by conventional diagnoses and treatments that prioritize profit over health. 

True healing comes from understanding and addressing the effects of emotional trauma, toxins, and stress on our brains and bodies. 

By detoxifying and nourishing our bodies, we create an environment of healing instead of disorder.

If this resonates with you, consider tuning into my podcast, where I dive deeper into these topics. Sharing your experiences and leaving a review helps others find their way out of the darkness. 

While I am not a medical doctor, my journey and research offer hope and practical advice for those seeking to heal naturally. 

Never give up — you CAN heal.


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