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The Impact of Emotional Challenges on the Brain: Understanding Brain Heat

DISCLAIMER: I am a scholar of the Medical Medium information. I am not a doctor. The information in this post has been extremely helpful to me in my healing journey, but it should not be misconstrued as medical advice or used as a replacement for medical care.

I recently moved my office setup from my loft to my bedroom because of some construction. Too much noise and dust weren’t creating a good vibe to get anything done! 

This not-so-small change got me thinking about how our environment and emotional experiences can affect our brain’s health. Let’s dive into understanding brain heat and its impact on emotional well-being.

What is Brain Heat?

Every thought and action we have generates heat in our brains when we experience emotional jolts — whether positive or negative — the voltage in our brain increases, creating more heat. 

This heat can be harmful if not properly managed.

The Hidden Complexity of Our Brains

Imagine looking down at a city from a plane at night. The complex network of lights and streets is mind-blowing in its complexity, but it’s nothing compared to the intricacy of our brains. 

The brain’s electrical grid is far more elaborate and generates significant heat with every thought, task, and emotional response.

Emotional Challenges and Brain Heat

Emotional challenges, such as betrayal, loss, or even daily frustrations, can cause significant heat in the brain. This heat can lead to potential damage if not addressed. Medical research may not yet fully understand – and can’t yet measure – this heat, but it’s a real phenomenon that impacts our mental and physical health.

My Journey with Brain Heat

I remember when I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after my divorce. Six different times, by six different doctors. The emotional turmoil felt like it was physically heating up my brain. This experience – and the absurdity of the toxic solutions forced upon me in the hospital – eventually led me to dig deeper to understand how emotional and physical health are interconnected.

Cooling the Brain: 5 Practical Steps

  1. Hydration: Drink plenty of water, but make sure it’s clean and free from contaminants (even fluoride). Adding lemon or lime remineralizes purified water that has been stripped of minerals.
  2. Get the toxic metals out!! I recommend the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie. 
  1. Nutrition: Eat fresh, whole foods, especially fruits and vegetables, which provide essential glucose and minerals for brain health.
  2. Rest: Ensure you get enough rest to allow your brain cells to cool down and rejuvenate.

Environment: Create a calming environment to reduce stress and help manage brain heat.

To learn more about managing brain heat and emotional health, watch my free class, “This is Why You’re Stuck.” It’s the first step toward transforming your mindset and improving your life.

Understanding Brain Heat

Even though we can’t always see or measure the heat in our brains, being mindful of it is a must. By taking steps to cool our brains and providing them with the right nutrients, we are better able to handle emotional challenges and avoid mental illness altogether.

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