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The Importance of Balancing “Brain Supplies” for Emotional Health

DISCLAIMER: I am a scholar of the Medical Medium information. I am not a doctor. The information in this post has been extremely helpful to me in my healing journey, but it should not be misconstrued as medical advice or used as a replacement for medical care.

A few years ago, I was at a low point, battling severe burnout and mental health issues. 

My diet was far from ideal, and I didn’t realize how much it was affecting my brain’s ability to function. After learning about the importance of brain supplies, I made significant changes to my diet and lifestyle. 

I started prioritizing hydration, incorporating more fruits and vegetables for natural glucose, and avoiding high-fat foods and caffeine. 

The difference was astounding. 

Not only did my mental clarity improve, but I also became much more consistently stable emotionally. This journey taught me the critical role of balancing brain supplies for overall well-being.

Understanding the intricate balance of our brain’s supplies is crucial for emotional health. Our brains are electrical hubs, and just like any electrical system, they need the right materials to function properly.

Did you know that the true cause of bipolar disorder is heating and cooling dysfunction in the brain caused by the presence of toxic heavy metals in the brain? Yep. That explains why my symptoms of bipolar disorder completely disappeared when I started paying attention to the health of my brain. 

Oxygen is Key

Oxygen is vital for our brain’s electrical impulses. These sparks need oxygen to occur, making it critical for ample oxygen to enter the brain. Pure oxygen is highly flammable, which is why campfires burn brighter with more air. Inside our brains, oxygen’s flammability means it must be balanced by other elements to prevent overheating.

Water and Glucose: The Coolants

Traveling alongside oxygen in our bloodstream, water helps suppress the brain’s heat. Glucose, the good kind found in fruits, also cools the brain tissue. This delicate balance of oxygen, water, and glucose keeps our brain’s electrical grid in check.

Electrolytes and Trace Minerals

Electrolytes, trace minerals like magnesium, amino acids, neurotransmitter chemicals, and vitamin B12 all play roles in maintaining this balance. Adrenaline, in healthy levels, also helps manage everyday brain function. These components are necessary for the brain’s electrical impulses to stay stable.

Hydration Matters

Chronic dehydration can disrupt this balance, leading to increased brain heat and emotional instability. It’s essential to maintain proper hydration and glucose levels, especially during stressful times or physical exertion.

Intermittent Fasting and Caffeine

Trendy practices like intermittent fasting and high caffeine intake can knock this balance out of whack. Without proper glucose and hydration, the brain’s electrical sparks can ignite hotter and fail to cool down, exacerbating mental health issues – like “bipolar disorder.”

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Adrenaline’s Role

In times of stress or danger, adrenaline surges to keep us alive, but this can also increase brain heat. When glucose and water are low, and oxygen is high, adrenaline steps in, but this temporary fix can lead to further imbalances and heightened emotional states… again, like bipolar episodes (mania, psychosis, etc.).

The Danger of High Fat Diets

High-fat diets can cause insulin resistance, reducing oxygen and glucose entry to cells. This triggers emergency adrenaline releases, which might make you feel good temporarily but is harmful long-term. The brain then burns hotter, increasing the risk of emotional instability and even stroke.

Trauma and Brain Injuries

Emotional trauma can scorch brain tissue, leading to hardened and less elastic brain tissue. Toxins and heavy metals in the brain exacerbate this issue, making it essential to detox and maintain a healthy diet to protect brain health.

Healing and Moving Forward

Healing from emotional injuries involves giving the brain what it needs: hydration, glucose, electrolytes, and avoiding harmful substances. Detoxifying the brain from heavy metals and other toxins is crucial. It’s a proactive, patient process that brings real change.

Understanding the science behind our brain’s needs can empower us to make better choices. For more in-depth discussions and tips, consider listening to Self Transformation Radio, where we explore these topics further and provide actionable advice for improving your mental and emotional health.


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