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The Myth of Microdosing


Did you know the term ‘microdosing’ might be offering you a false sense of security? Our latest podcast episode explores the potential harm and risks of microdosing psychedelics. Learn about the potential dangers and addictive nature of psychedelics today.


Hold on tight as we embark on an eye-opening exploration of the growing trend of microdosing psychedelics and the misleading concept of ‘plant medicine.’ We’re setting out to question and decode the cultural buzzwords that can often cloud our understanding of health and wellness. If you’ve ever wondered about the real impact of microdosing or been tempted to consider it as a potential solution, we’ve got some hard truths and personal stories that might make you think twice. We’re breaking down the false sense of security offered by microdosing, the addictive nature of psychedelics, and the potential dangers they pose, even in lesser doses. So, let’s buckle up and get ready to unmask the truth behind microdosing psychedelics.

Episode highlights:

[1:58] Why “plant medicine label” is trending?

[6:24] Microdosing can cause brain injuries.

[11:49] Cleverness of marketing.

[13:57] Psychedelic substances are toxic.

[20:37] Every addiction starts with microdosing.

[24:50] It’s a costly journey.

[30:59] Outro


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