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The Myth of Moderation: Why “Everything in Moderation” Isn’t Healthy

DISCLAIMER: I am a scholar of the Medical Medium information. I am not a doctor. The information in this post has been extremely helpful to me in my healing journey, but it should not be misconstrued as medical advice or used as a replacement for medical care.

We’ve all heard it: “Everything in moderation.” 

It sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Eat, drink, and live in moderation, and you’ll be fine. 

But what if moderation is just a disguised way of giving ourselves permission to mistreat ourselves? To indulge in behaviors that aren’t truly good for us?

Unmasking the Myth

Our physical bodies don’t actually thrive on moderation. They crave consistency, equilibrium, and optimal health, which directly conflicts with the concept of moderation. This idea allows us to justify behaviors and choices that are harmful, believing that as long as we only do them “in moderation,” then we’re safe.

But our bodies tell a different story.

Our Minds and Bodies are COMPLEX!

Our minds are a complex mix of the subconscious and conscious. Influenced by everything around us, from media to societal norms and culture, our minds can be persuaded to crave things our bodies don’t want. 

This disconnection can lead us down paths that feel good momentarily but have long-term negative effects.

My Personal Struggle with Moderation

I’ve had my own battles with moderation. Waiting for my van to be ready, I found myself bored and tempted to use previously prescribed Adderall that I don’t need anymore (and arguably never did) just to make mundane tasks more enjoyable. 

I went through the same thing with cannabis. “Oh, once in a while hanging out with my bestie is fine!” led to more regular consumption that left me feeling burnt out. The culture of regular use of “microdosing” “plant medicines” is especially sneaky. 

But even occasional use comes at a cost. It’s counterproductive, and it introduces toxins and stress to a body that’s trying to heal.

Moderation as Self-Sabotage

Moderation often serves as permission to self-indulge or, more accurately, self-sabotage.

Whether it’s alcohol, unhealthy foods, or even behaviors like procrastination, moderation gives us a false sense of security. We tell ourselves it’s okay because it’s “not that much” or “not that often.”

We need to break free from this cycle.

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The Influence of Media and Society

We’re constantly bombarded with messages promoting moderation. From TV shows to advertisements, the subliminal and explicit encouragement to “live a little” and “just indulge” is everywhere. 

These influences make it challenging to break free from unhealthy habits.

The Misleading Nature of Moderation

“Moderation” is subjective and varies from person to person. What one person considers moderate can be extremely harmful to another. This is especially true for substances like alcohol, caffeine, and certain foods. 

For instance, drinking alcohol in moderation may still harm someone trying to heal their liver or reduce their sugar intake.

The Journey to True Health

Recognizing the truth about moderation and its impact on our health is crucial. It’s about breaking free from societal norms and finding what truly works for our bodies. This means rejecting the one-size-fits-all approach and understanding our unique needs.

A New Perspective

Instead of falling into the moderation trap, let’s focus on consistency and truly beneficial choices that lead to us feeling great all the time – without the constant setbacks that moderation often brings.

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