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The Real Causes of Mental Illness: Toxicity and Deficiency in the Brain

Have you ever stopped to think about what’s really going on inside your head? 

It’s a question we don’t often ask ourselves, but it’s also a question that could actually save your life. 

(It saved mine!)

So many of us experience stress, anxiety, or other mental health issues – and we run to the doctor for a bottled-up solution – without understanding what actually causes the symptoms we’re experiencing. 

We get caught up in our thoughts and let life happen to us, without realizing that our thoughts are literally shaping our reality. Our beliefs and perceptions significantly influence our mental state.

Buckle up… because I’m about to shatter some beliefs and perceptions many people have about mental health – and the multibillion-dollar industry responsible for constructing and maintaining those beliefs.

The Hidden Impact of Emotional Trauma

Emotional trauma has a profound impact on our mental health. But here’s what the psychiatrist won’t tell you: when we experience trauma, it can literally injure our brain. THIS injury is what leads to symptoms of what’s often just labeled a “mental illness.” 

Mainstream psychiatry usually overlooks this connection entirely. Instead, we receive diagnoses and labels without real answers. Emotional trauma can harden brain tissue, leading to symptoms that are often misunderstood or misdiagnosed. Understanding this can be the first step towards healing.

The Silent Role of Toxins and Stress

Adding to the complexity, toxins in our environment – like heavy metals and chemicals from cleaning products – also affect our brain health. When these toxins get into the emotional centers of our brains, they cause classic mental illness symptoms (brain fog, confusion, depression, etc.). 

Chronic stress weakens our immune system, making us even more susceptible to illnesses. Our body is an integrated system, and everything is connected – from our brain to our liver to our gut. This interconnectedness means that what affects one part of our body can influence everything else.

The Underlying Issue: Inflammation

Did you know that medical terms like encephalitis, thyroiditis, and hepatitis (anything ending in -itis) are just fancy words for inflammation? 

While these diagnoses might give us a name for our condition, the truth is they don’t provide real solutions. 

The true causes of inflammation are often viruses, bacteria, and toxic heavy metals in our bodies. These invaders disrupt our health, and mainstream medicine rarely addresses them directly, preferring rather to call them “triggers” or “factors” that “may” influence people with certain diagnoses. The industry of mental health is heavily invested in misleading us about mental illness because there is so much money in keeping us sick. If we believe the inflammation is “genetic” or that there is no cure for the “mental illness,” then we’re more likely to follow their instructions and take pills for a lifetime.

You’re not stuck with mental illness!! Understanding the root causes of why we’re inflamed and experiencing mental illness symptoms helps us take far more effective steps toward true healing.

The Path to Healing: Detoxification

To truly heal, we first need to detoxify (or “detox”) our bodies and remove harmful substances. This involves identifying sources of toxins in our lives, such as household fragrances or inherited toxins from our parents. Once we know where these toxins come from, we can work to eliminate them, creating an environment that supports our body’s natural ability to heal itself. Detoxification is a super powerful tool in improving mental health.

The Brain-Body Connection

The brain doesn’t function in a vacuum, though! It’s deeply connected to every part of our body. For example, overworked adrenal glands impact the pancreas, liver, and the endocrine system, leading to multiple chronic illnesses (especially “hormone imbalance” related issues). Recognizing these connections is key to understanding and treating mental health issues. A holistic approach that considers the entire body is much more effective than simply treating symptoms in isolation (like throwing random pills at the brain without looking at the liver, for example).

Rethinking Psychiatry

Mainstream psychiatry usually fails to actually look at the brain itself, preferring instead to cycle through multiple substances (“meds”) that are designed to merely suppress symptoms. They often don’t even look at or consider root causes. This approach leads to a cycle of dependency on medications that actually cause imbalance in the body, without real healing. Instead of relying on drugs to suppress symptoms, we need to focus on detoxifying our bodies and providing our brains with the nutrients they need to heal. The conventional approach clearly isn’t working – more people are “mentally ill” than ever before, despite many supposed “advances” in the field of mental health. To heal, we HAVE to challenge the traditional “mental health” paradigm and see it for what it really is: a money-making machine fueled by greed and corruption. 

My Personal Journey

I’ve been through the ringer on my own journey with mental illness. Between 2018 and 2020, I was diagnosed more than a dozen times with various “lifelong” conditions.

Eventually, I’d had enough of the runaround with multiple traditional psychiatrists and their pills – I knew deep down that all the pills being prescribed to me would never address the underlying causes of my symptoms. 

Thanks to finding the Medical Medium information, I said goodbye to the doctors who were experimenting on my health and started detoxifying my body, replenishing it with nutrients it desperately needed. I also made significant changes to my lifestyle to reduce stress. Since 2022, I’ve seen significant improvements in my mental health – and I’m no longer experiencing symptoms or taking ANY medications. 

My experience proves that it’s possible to fully recover from mental illness – even when conventional medicine says it’s not. 

Awareness is the Cure

Becoming aware of the real causes of mental illness was the cure for me – and I’m not alone. When we know better, we can do better!

We are being harmed by conventional diagnoses and treatments, all in the name of money. 

We are being fed lies by a corporate machine – with billion-dollar marketing budgets – literally invested in keeping us ill just so they can grow shareholder profits. 

True healing will never come from a bottle of pills or decades of talk therapy. 

True healing is found in recognizing and rectifying the effects of emotional trauma, toxins, and stress on our brain and body. 

By detoxifying and nourishing our bodies, we create an environment of healing instead of an environment of disorder. 

I discuss this in more detail on my podcast! Listen to it here.


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