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Why Caffeine Is A Con


Unmask the bitter truth about your morning cup of joe! Tune into our latest episode as we delve into the dark side of the caffeine industry and its unsettling effects on our health. Discover the controversial relationship between caffeine, chronic illness, and diet. The unnerving truths we uncovered about caffeine’s influence on our lives underscore the need for heightened awareness and lifestyle changes. Whether it’s your morning coffee, afternoon energy drink, or a piece of chocolate, the consequences of regular caffeine intake are more severe than most realize.


Welcome, listeners, to a caffeine-fueled journey that might change how you view your morning cup of coffee. Have you ever wondered why caffeine has become the North Star of our modern-day lifestyle? I will discuss the gripping tale of manipulation and greed of the caffeine industry and how this bitter white crystalline alkaloid found its way into our daily grind. Moreover, we draw back the curtain on caffeine’s potent diuretic effect, which not only fast-tracks the aging process but also masks underlying health issues. So, sit back, maybe skip that espresso shot, and indulge in an eye-opening exploration of caffeine’s questionable role in our lives.

Episode highlights:

[0:00] Intro

[5:05] How the caffeine industry started

[9:08] Beginning stages of caffeine addiction

[14:00] Caffeine makes chronic illness worse

[17:37] Caffeine weakens the adrenals

[20:45] Caffeine dehydrates our brain cells

[26:55] Undiscovered reversed polarity syndrome caused by caffeine addiction

[29:09] Caffeine is a psychoactive drug

[33:18] Outro


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